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Lead Coach: Robyne Parrish
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Parrish and Co. - for the Actor
Specializing in new monologues, song material, theatre, musical theatre and the classics. One of a kind, personalized monologue service available, tailored to your specific needs. Resume re-do is a must! Contact Robyne and company today!

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"To explain to you what Robyne Parrish means to me and why you should hire her, I have to set the scene for you. I had a milestone birthday back in August. The day began with me going down a dark rabbit hole. I sat in my bed scrolling through Instagram and FB, looking at all the accomplishments of other people. By the time my little sister called me and snapped me out of my descent, I was flying full speed past the what-have-I-done-with-my-life mark. She sat quietly on the phone with me while I cried and tried to explain how I got there. When I finished she put everything back in its proper perspective and I felt better but I knew I was stuck. I had no idea what to do to unstick and move forward. There was a giant chasm between me and my dreams and I hadn’t the slightest idea how to even begin closing it.

In walks Robyne. My first session with her had me dreaming again with real, specific actionable steps to take. I actually started believing I could reach my goals. She didn’t just tell me what to do. She asked about my thoughts and fears. She answered my questions and gave me sound advice. She was knowledgeable, honest, and authentic. A week or so after that session, I was signed to an agency. She didn’t just drop me off at the proverbial door nor did she open it for me. She walked me to it, watched as I unlocked the things standing between me and success, and she celebrated the small wins just as much as the big ones and then nudged me a little further. You should do what I did. Reach out. You don’t have to have your career all figured out. You don’t have to know everything. You just have to know who to call/email." -  Delana Flowers, Pittsburgh Actor/Singer

"Friends, and those in “the biz” - Ya’ll have got to check out Robyne Parrish for any of your coaching, resume, and acting needs! She has helped me get back on track, coached some of my monologues, and helped me to set short and long-term goals. On top of just being a genuinely caring human, she can help kick your career to the next level, and lucky for you, she has a few new openings! Reach out, you won’t regret it!" -  Ashley Lynn, Actor/Choreographer

"Robyne was wonderful to work with. As an actor and director with over 25 years in the business, I knew I was in great hands. Not only did she have great suggestions as to what I could do with my monologue to make it more effective, she had some audition tips that proved really helpful when it came time to get on stage. Perhaps most importantly, her unerring support of me and my pursuit of the craft gave me the confidence to believe in myself. That's priceless." - Kate Gross

"Robyne is an incredible acting coach! Not only did she make me feel comfortable enough to open up and let go, but she also gave me the confidence boost I needed. She truly believes in me! Robyne offered me great audition tips and gave me a new perspective on character. She also gave my resume a fabulous makeover! I look forward in continuing this journey with her!" - Katie Aiello McCusker

"1 part business savy, 1 part naturally talented actress, 1 part extremely helpful and caring, and add a dash of two adorable dogs and what do you get? Robyne Parrish! She will help you with all your acting needs and put you on the right track to achieving your goals! always responsive and ready to assist you. Thanks Robyne!" - Rishab Nathan

" I recently started studying with Robyne, and after only two sessions (heck, after the first), I felt unprecedentedly better prepared for my future in acting. I have a fancy new resume, a more informed direction for my career, and Robyne has become someone I can turn to for advice, support, resources, and help in making the big decisions that I used to have to pretend I knew how to make.
... so if you've ever wanted an acting coach or a mentor to help you navigate the industry, I can't recommend her enough." - Jim Hartley

"I saw that Robyne was offering coaching and I quickly contacted her to set something up. I had been looking for mentoring/coaching that caters to my specific needs for years now. I set up a video chat with her and in a little over an hour she helped answer questions that I've had for years! She quickly put me on the right track and offered very valuable advice and made me feel confident going forward. I can't wait for our next session!" -  Kelly McCaughan


Robyne is powerhouse talent who works non-stop. She specializes in musical theater, the classics, monologue and career coaching, accents and dialects, self-tapes and bio makeovers. She loves to work with new graduates and actors who are just beginning their careers. She also knows the ins-and-outs of the Pittsburgh and Southeast Markets.


Robyne has appeared in NYC at the York Theatre, The Mint, Musicals Tonight!, Sonnet Rep and the NY Music Festival. She has worked across the country in regional theatres like The Arden, Virginia Stage, the Pittsburgh CLO and the Public Theatre of Maine. She is an addy award winning commercial actress, was awarded best actress in a short film for her work in Vulnerability (which she co-wrote and produced) at PCIFF and starred opposite Richard Kind and Steve Guttenburg in the feature, Help Me, Help You. She is a prolific regional stage director and a playwright.


Robyne is a UNCSA alum with a BFA in theatre and attended grad school at Point Park University. She has studied all over the country and abroad, including the Royal National in London and cutrently at the Russian Theatre Lab here in NYC. Member National Alliance of Acting Teachers. AEA and SAG-AFTRA.